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Bachelor of Counselling

Certificate in Supervision

Master of Arts (Therapeutic Presence)

Doctor of Health Science (Being Leaderful)

Approved EAP Counsellor

Member of New Zealand Association of Counsellors

Member of Bay of the Plenty Therapy Foundation





“You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn how to surf” (Jon Kabat-Zinn)


We all experience problems in our life and when we experience stress, pain, trouble or things seem too difficult to solve on our own talking with a counsellor can be helpful. Counselling is a professional space where you can be yourself and work out problems in a non-judgemental and confidential setting.


What is it like to be ‘truly listened to’, to be heard and understood? Being truly listened to is when we are able to get to know what we truly know – and this is the experience, I believe, where we are able to get to the heart or the matter and bring meaningful changes in our life.


I am an experienced and qualified counsellor who has worked with people on all aspects of their life and wellbeing. I have been counselling since 2002, working predominately with adolescents, adults, couples and families on the issues that confront people in the 21st century. I am a brief orientated client-centred counsellor who works with people to construct solutions to their contextual issues, that are meaningful and useful. My mantra is that it is in the ‘doing that we create the being’ meaning empowerment, tools and understanding are learnt to address issues and ‘do’ something to make life better. This can be achieved in one meeting or over a number of meetings – or on the waves!





I am skilled at helping people experiencing issues with:



Communication & Confidence

Grief & Loss

Stress, Burnout & resilience

Transition & Change

Physical pain & fitness


Alcohol, drug and internet

Anxiety, Depression, emotional pain and other mental health difficulties

Love including working with couples and families

Blended Family Relationships

Being a parent, Step-Parent or son, daughter or sibling


Or needing:



Professional supervision

Training and facilitation

Therapeutic retreat



My work history includes leadership roles in sales, marketing, human resources, primary care leadership and career consulting in corporate, educational and health contexts including facilitating training and coaching individuals. I have lived and worked in Wellington, Hamilton, and Whangamata. I have special interest in mental health, well-being and helping individuals and families build resilient lives. I live north of Tauranga in the Western Bay of Plenty where I enjoy listening and talking about music; surfing; mountain biking, up and down; experiencing a good coffee; a good book, literally; camping by the beach, holidays and summertime. I share a small macadamia orchard with my partner, and travel whenever I can to see our three girls and son.





I am available Monday to Wednesday in Central Tauranga and Thursday in Athenree.


I am happy to have a confidential conversation anytime.




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Dr Kent Smith


Bay Counselling

68 Tenth Avenue, Tauranga

10B Westwood Road, Athenree


Phone: 07 578 0959

Mobile: 021 369 047

Email: kent.smith@baycounselling.co.nz