Pauline Nagels

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If you interested in seeing me as a counsellor, you are welcome to email or text me and we will make arrangements for meeting that will work for us both. 



Bachelor of Counselling

Bachelor of Education

Diploma in Teaching

Full Member of New Zealand Christian Counsellors Association (NZCCA)

Child Protection Studies Programme

Certificate in Te Are Reo Maori - Level 2


About Me


I grew up as the fourth child in a family of five children on a lovely dairy farm in the Waikato.  After leaving school I worked in administration and then travelled around the UK and Europe before returning to complete my Bachelor of Education and primary teaching qualifications.


I moved to Tauranga in 1981 and spent some time working in legal administration before settling down and raising a family with my husband, Jos.  During these child-rearing years I worked in various voluntary positions in schools, church and the community.  I later found rewarding work as a teacher aide working with children with special needs. After my children left home I embarked on my Bachelor of Counselling training at Bethlehem Tertiary Institute. I have a supportive role in my husband’s Solar Water Heating business, so have some understanding of the dynamics of the business world.


Apart from my counselling work, my main interest is my family.  My husband and I have three daughters, two son-in laws, and two delightful young grandchildren.  We love to spend time with them, our large extended family and friends.  I also enjoy leading a healthy lifestyle, reading, enjoying outdoor activities, frequenting cafes and following sports.





Particular areas of interest:


Child and Adolescent Grief and Loss

Sand Tray Therapy

Play Therapy

Adult Grief and Loss

Narrative Therapy


Attachment and Relationships

Dream Therapy


Chronic Illness

Understanding Aspergers and Autism





I have a holistic approach, which includes working with emotional, mental and spiritual aspects, as well as looking at how these areas impact our physical well-being.  I also work the symbolic nature of dreams to discover meaning that is relevant to making changes in everyday life, and find using creative resources like drawing, figurines and sand really valuable.  I find working creatively with children and adolescents especially rewarding, including using play therapy.




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Pauline Nagels

Phone: (021) 037 7323



If you interested in seeing me as a counsellor, you are welcome to email or text me and we will make arrangements for meeting that will work for us both.